Magnification requirement

When glasses are no longer enough

When our visual acuity decreases, magnifying vision aids are able to compensate for the impaired vision by magnifying the images on the retina. Before a suitable magnifying vision aid can be selected, it is necessary to find out what the magnification requirement is. In general, this is determined by the ratio between the visual acuity required for a vision task and the remaining visual acuity of the person affected.

Magnification requirement = Required visual acuity/Visual acuity

The required visual acuity is the minimum value of visual acuity which is required in order to carry out a vision task. The following table gives several examples:

Required visual acuity

Vision task

Visual acuity 0,8

Reading travel timetables

Visual acuity 0,7

Reading a telephone directory

Visual acuity 0,5 

Reading the newspaper

Visual acuity 0,4

Watching television

Visual acuity 0,1

Orientation outdoors

As the table shows, a very clear distinction must be made between the different vision tasks. So it is not surprising that a special magnifying vision aid is usually required for each vision task.

The right vision aid for every vision task

Eschenbach Optik therefore offers those suffering from visual impairment a wide range of magnifying vision aids which have been optimised for the different vision tasks.

You should seek detailed advice from your optician on finding the best solution for your requirements and needs - you can also discover the products we offer by following the link.

Good illumination reduces the magnification requirement

As the type and intensity of illumination can directly influence your vision, optimum illumination of the reading material can significantly improve your ability to see. Many of the magnifying vision aids from Eschenbach Optik therefore combine high quality lenses with modern LED technology - this provides powerful and consistent illumination that will make vision more comfortable. Discover our range of illuminated magnifiers.