Eye + Eyesight

The window to the world

The eye is our most important sensory organ and good vision is the prerequisite for an active life. Anyone who suffers from poor vision is restricted in many ways. For instance, when they're reading, watching television or socialising - because better vision always means a better life

Seeing and reading as we age

As we age, so do our eyes. We first begin to notice this around the age of 40 when it becomes increasingly difficult to read details and small print. When sight loss can no longer be fully corrected using glasses, modern vision aids can help you to maintain your usual ability to read and quality of life.

Eye diseases

In addition to short-sightedness and long-sightedness, our visual acuity can also be restricted by a variety of eye diseases. Most of these cause irreparable damage to the eye. Special vision aids can provide vital support in dealing with everyday challenges.

Magnification requirement

When our visual acuity decreases, magnifying vision aids are able to compensate for the impaired vision by magnifying the images on the retina. Before a suitable magnifying vision aid can be selected, it is necessary to find out what the magnification requirement is. In general, this is determined by the ratio between the visual acuity required for a vision task and the remaining visual acuity of the person affected.

Visual Acuity

In order to see objects clearly, the incoming light must be focused on the retina. The better this process works, the sharper our vision - and we are then able to distinguish objects from each other with greater precision. Visual acuity is the sharpness with which an object is focused on the retina.

Where you can find help

People who suffer from visual impairment require special help. Eschenbach Optik is not only able to offer you a comprehensive range of magnifying vision aids, but can also provide you with many important contact addresses throughout the United Kingdom.