acunis® metal frame (large) Tinting level: 50%

Art. Nr. 1615450
acunis® metal frame (large) Tinting level: 50%
acunis® metal frame (large) Tinting level: 50%
acunis® metal frame (large) Tinting level: 50%

Product Benefits

  • Comfort lenses for migraine-related sensitivity to light
  • Migraine is often accompanied by an acute sensitivity to light
  • acunis® lenses filter out that component of light that is perceived as unpleasant
  • Also available in your individual presciption for any frame 

Product Properties

  • Protecting against unpleasant glare
  • Reducing in particular the transmission of the wavelength range around 484 nm, which is perceived as particularly unpleasant in cases of migraine-induced light sensitivity
  • In contrast to conventional sunglasses, your eyes adjust less to “seeing in the dark” with acunis lenses and are less dazzled when you take your glasses off
  • Available in three tint levels – 25%, 50% and 75% – depending on the intended use and the intensity of glare experienced
  • Protect against UV radiation and can be used when driving according to DIN EN ISO 12312-1.
  • Available in various frame models and sizes or as a clip-on.
  • Also available as an XL frame to put over your own prescription frame. Special anti-glare frames with an extra deep rim at the top and wide temples with side windows.
  • Supplied with matching case.
  • The metal frames small and large are also available unglazed for glazing with individual strengths.

Technical data

Filter tintac 50
Tint level50%
Level of light transmission/Luminous transmittance50 %
Filter Category1
Suitable for wearing whilst drivingnot suitable for driving at night
Frame typemetal frame, large
Frame size59-16-140
Colouranthrazit, matt


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