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Galilei 2.5x

Art. Nr. 16225+162112
Galilei 2.5x
Galilei 2.5x
Galilei 2.5x

Product Benefits

  • Ideal for watching television and reading (in combination with reading caps).
  • Simple to use due to large visual field.
  • Ultralight, only 11 g – therefore extremely comfortable to use.
  • Particularly scratch-proof lens with high visual comfort.

Product Properties

  • Easy to adjust.
  • Diffractive aspheric and achromatic PXM® lightweight lens made of high quality silicate, cera-tec® coated for a distortion-free image with edge-to-edge sharpness.
  • The Galilean system is set at infinity, reading caps are used for reading (see table).
  • Large 13° visual field.
  • Ocular and objective lenses have a high-quality, anti-reflection hard coating.

Product Accessories

Reading caps for Galilei 2.2 x and Galilei 2.5 x

  • 162101 Reading cap ring for fitting lens with an individual power (x 2)
  • 16210 Frosted lens
  • 16213 Reading cap 3,0 dpt
  • 16214 Reading cap 4,0 dpt
  • 16215 Reading cap 5,0 dpt
  • 16216 Reading cap 6,0 dpt
  • 16218 Reading cap 8,0 dpt
  • 162110 Reading cap 10,0 dpt
  • 162112 Reading cap 12,0 dpt
  • 162116 Reading cap 16,0 dpt




The reading caps +3 dpt/ +4 dpt/ +5 dpt are also suitable for binocular use (close-up).


Fitting cases


Item No. 1632 and 16321


Technical data

Working distance83 mm
Magnification Near7.5 x
Visual field near16 mm


manual_Galilei-System256 KB


* The figures stated for visual field are average values. They will vary depending on the distance from the eye to the eyepiece.